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Fort Jesus (Mombasa)
Fort Jesus was the site of the gruesome battle between the Portuguese and Arab colonists. Today there is a museum in the fort, among other things, an exhibition about the coast's culture and history can be found. Pieces of the ship Santo Antonio de Tanna, dating from 1697 are also housed here.
The Bamburi Nature Trail Reserve (Mombasa)
The Bamburi Nature Trail is a miniature reserve just outside of the city. The reserve does not offer the big safari package but there are hippopotamus, pelicans and antelopes roaming about. The reserve also has a fish farm and a crocodile farm. This is a refreshing place to visit after the action of being on a Safari.
The Ruins of Jumba la Mtwana (Mombasa)
Not that much is known about the history of Jumba la Mtwana. In the 1500s the city blossomed, the remains of the city's mosques and scattered houses can be found north of Mombasa. The city was built right down next to the Indian Ocean; it is down next the sea that the best-preserved mosques can be found.

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