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Frauen Church (Munich)
With its two characteristic dome towers Frauenkirche is one of Munich's most famous landmarks. The church is from the 15th century and built in Gothic style. It is also the home of the archbishop of Munich.
October Festival (Munich)
The 16 days long October Festival is the biggest and most noisy public festival in the world. In connection with the beer party they built a small village out of tents and amusements where six million participants drink five million litres of beer and eat 200.000 sausages.
Olympia park (Munich)
The Olympic Park, which hosted the Olympic Games in 1972, has lakes, cycle paths, sports facilities, concert seats, restaurants and a football stadium. You can recognise it on the characteristic tent-like roof, which covers an area of 75.000m2.
The beer room Hofbräuhaus (Munich)
There are a vast number of public houses and beer rooms in Bavaria, but not is as famous as Munich's Hofbräuhaus, which was built in 1589 by the Duke Wilhelm V of Bavaria. Despite the large amounts of tourists, Hofbräuhaus still has a loyal, local clientele.
The English Garden (Munich)
One of the world's largest and most beautiful city gardens is situated in Munich. The largest playground of the city was founded in 1785 and covers an area of about 3,7km2. It is the lung of Munich.
The Gallery Alte Pinakothek (Munich)
One of the largest galleries in Europe and the largest collection of German paintings in the world is situated in Munich's museum quarter. "Die Alte Pinakothek " also has the biggest Rubens collection of 62 works in the world. This collection is very special and shows the extent of this artist's work.

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