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The Great Lakes district (New South Wales)
The Great Lakes district is situated by the coast of New South Wales, and is one of Australia's most popular tourist destinations. The district is famous for its beautiful, sandy beaches and rainforest, which extends all the way down to the coast. The city of Port Macpuarie is an excellent place for fishing, surfing and sailing.
Blue Mountains (New South Wales)
This mountain area is located 104 km west of Sydney, and is a fascinating landscape with lots of possibilities. You can sail between the roaring waterfalls, walk in the deep canyons, which have remained unaltered since the time of the dinosaurs, and swim in crystal-clear lakes. A more beautiful landscape will be difficult to find.
Snowy Mountains National Park (New South Wales)
The Snowy Mountains are situated 526 km southwest of Sydney, and is Australia's highest situated national park, which, among other things, has rivers, filled with trout, imposing landscapes and fresh mountain-air. The Snowy Mountains is a popular ski resort during the winter, and offers both cross-country skiing as well as slalom.
Darling Harbour (Sydney)
Darling Harbour is a giant tourist and amusement park right by the water, where you can shop in one of the 200 shops at the Harbour side Mall, or enjoy your lunch in one of the many restaurants by the water. The National Maritime Museum and the Chinese Garden are also located in this area.
Sydney Opera House (Sydney)
The Dane Jorn Utzon designed one of Australia's most recognizable icons, the Opera House. The Opera House is a possibility of experiencing theatre, classical music, ballet, films and opera, as well sitting by one of the outdoor cafés, enjoying a glass of wine, while life at the docks passes by.
The Rocks (Sydney)
The Rocks is situated on the docks of Sydney, and is the place where the first Europeans settled. Charming streets, elegant, restored buildings, a large selection of restaurants and speciality shops make up the area The Rocks. A place that buzzes of cultural and architectonic stories.

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