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Central Park (New York)
Central Park was opened in 1873 and was meant to be a peaceful oasis in the middle of the chaotic and noisy life of the city. Today the park attracts many runners, people on skateboards, musicians and large numbers of tourists, and it is not really that calm and quiet. But it is a really nice area, where you can relax and be fascinated by all the different types of people coming there.
Empire State Building (New York)
Empire State Building is one of New Yorks tallest buildings, 102 storeys high and built in only 410 days. It is possible to take the lift to either the 86th floor or the top floor, which both have an observation deck. Empire State Building attracts many tourists, and on clear days you can almost see the entire city from the top.
Times Square (New York)
Times Square is a huge square in the middle of New York. The square has a vast number of flashing neon-signs and large television screens, and they create a lightshow of giant proportions. The square functions as a gathering place for big events. On New Year's Eve there are usually more than one million people on the square.

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