Attractions from Nicaragua´s Islands

Attractions from

El Castillo Island (Nicaragua´s Islands)
This island in Lago de Nicaragua has an old Spanish fort, El Morro, which was built in the 17th century to protect the island against pirates and British forces. The main town is a friendly fishing town, which has only one hotel.
Maiz Islands (Nicaragua´s Islands)
About 70 kilometres off the coast at Bluefield's lie the corn islands, which have become popular holiday spots due to the wonderful beaches, the many palms and the beautiful coral reefs which can be explored by snorkel or by diving equipment.
The small islands (Nicaragua´s Islands)
Las Isletas means the small islands, and there are more than 300 of the kind, which emerged after the volcano Mombacho had exploded. They are now scattered in the giant Lago de Nicaragua. The island San Pablo has a Spanish fort, which is worth to take a closer look at, while Isla Zapatera is protected as national park because of its archeological characteristics. Isla del Muerto has many interesting cave paintings.

Area and city attractions

• Bluefields
• Granada
• León
• Managua
• Masachapa
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