Travel guide to Nice


Local name
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Best time to visit

The temperate climate in region makes Nice an attractive holiday destination all year round. The winter is very mild but is not recommended to go swimming in January and February if you are thin-skinned

Culture and entertainment

The many tourists during the summer attract a lot of cultural festivals. It is therefore possible to hear international renowned jazz-artists, watch exhibitions or see modern dance in Nice - all depending which festival that happens to be on when you are there. After a tiring day on the beach you will find plenty entertainment at night in Nice's actor house, the movies or nightclubs.

Accommodation / Hotel

The tourist information in Nice has a hotel booking service if you have not booked a place when you arrive. In Nice you will find hotels covering all prices and qualities but it is a good idea to book in advance during the summer where Nice experience a massive in-flight of tourists. There are three hostels in the area while campers only have one small place nearby. If you move to the surrounding area plenty more camping sites can be found. Book your hotel in Nice here

Local transport



Taxis can be found in the airport and by Promenade des Anglais. You can also hire them on the street or call one of the companies.
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