Attractions from Northern Iceland

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The fishing village of Òlafsfjördur (Northern Iceland)
Ólafsfjördur is considered one the most beautifully situated villages of Iceland, and is quite romantic with its view of the high mountains and the northern-most point of Iceland, the island of Grimsey, which is situated about 50 km out in the sea and crossed by the Polar Circle.
The river valley of Ásbyrgi (Northern Iceland)
- Sleipner's horseshoe The river valley of Ásbyrgi is a good example of the Icelandic nature's grotesque temper. The valley is about four km long and surrounded by 100-metre high rocks. Àsbyrgi has a shape, which resembles a horseshoe, and according to legends a footprint of Odin's magnificent horse, Sleipner, made the valley.

Area and city attractions

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