Travel guide to Northern Spain


Local name
El Norte

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

The Northern part of Spain can be visited all year. In the summer you can enjoy the beaches and in the other months there is a wealth of interesting sights and cities to be enjoyed. The winter also offers you the possibility of going skiing. If you want to walk in the green landscape of the Basque region the spring is especially beautiful.

Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12 am in England it is 1 p.m. in the North of Spain

Culture and entertainment

There is a wealth of sports to be enjoyed in the northern part of Spain, especially if you want to try watersports, walks or trekking. If you want to go out to party San Sebastian is a good choice. If you prefer a good concert there is a wide selection in Bilbao.

Accommodation / Hotel

Like in the rest of the country Northern Spain offers good places to sleep. You can find hotels in all prices. There are also a lot of boarding houses where you can get a bed and sometimes a cheap breakfast. There is also a good selection of camping sites and hostels. If you want to walk in the Pyrenees many mountain villages offer cabins for rent. Book your hotel in Northern Spain here

Local transport



Usually it is fairly easy to get a taxi in the North Spanish cities. In the largest like Bilbao you can usually hire one on the street. It is cheap to drive in a taxi and the rates are charged by the metre.

Other transport

There are good train connections between the North Spanish cities and good local bus connections. There are also several domestic airports in the area. Bilbao also has an underground.

Special conditions

Be aware that the Spanish terror organisation ETA is very active in the northern part of Spain. Lately the movement has terrorised the region with several bombings against political opponents. Therefore it is not totally safe to travel in the area.
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