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Rheinfall - the biggest waterfall in Central Europe (Northern Switzerland)
A tour of Western Switzerland necessarily also includes a trip to Central Europe's largest waterfall, Rheinfall. The mighty river Rhône throws itself off the cliffs - a sight which will take most people's breath away.
The city of Schaffhausen - a city with two faces (Northern Switzerland)
Schaffhausen, the capital of the canton also called Schaffhausen, is, besides being an important industrial city, also an idyllic, charming city with an old district. This is also symbolizes through the city's attractions, which ranges form ancient monasteries and fortifications to a museum of modern international art.
The town of Saignelégier (Northern Switzerland)
The small town of Saignelégier is known for its horse breeding, and every summer a famous horse market is held, along with races, parades and presentations of new breeds. The surroundings are suited for a horseback holiday, and there are lot of places to rent a horse, with or without a carriage. In the winter, the area is a perfect place for cross-country skiing.
Exclusive shopping in Bahnhofstrasse (Zürich)
A shopping spree in Zürich's most exclusive shopping street, Bahnhofstrasse, can get very expensive very quickly. Here you'll find stylish jewellery- and fashion shops en masse, and it isn't unusual to meet a famous movie- or rock star.
Grossmünster Church - the landmark of Zürich. (Zürich)
The Roman church of Grossmünster, finished around the year 1200, serves as the city's landmark and is situated beautifully where Limmat River flows into Lake Zürich. The church contains treasures dating form Carl the Great, and is often used for concerts.
Kunsthaus Museum (Zürich)
The Zürich Kunsthaus is internationally renowned for its many spectacular artworks. The museum concentrates on 19th and 20th century art and contains, among other things, a very large collection of the Norwegian artist Edward Munch's works.

Area and city attractions

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• Gstaad
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• Lausanne
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• Zürich
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