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Northern Territory

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Best time to visit

The state can be visited all year round without any problems, but, depending on the season, the weather changes a bit. The northern part of Northern Territory has two seasons, a wet and a dry, where the dry season is between May and October, with 20-30 degrees centigrade and sunshine, and the wet season between November and April, where the air is very humid, with a lot of rain and often quite high temperatures. In the southern part of the state the temperature in the winter is around 20 degrees centigrade during the day, but all the way down to 0 degrees at night. During the summer, the southern part of the state has temperatures around 35 degrees centigrade in the daytime and 20 degrees at night. The middle/southern part of the state is known for its sunshine and blue sky.


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Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12.00 in England (summer time), it is 18.30 in Northern Territory. When it is 12.00 in England (winter time), it is 19.30 in Northern Territory.

Culture and entertainment

In Northern Territory you'll find a great deal of festivals, mostly concentrated around the cities of Alice Springs and Darwin.

Accommodation / Hotel

The cities of Northern Territory have all kinds of accommodation, from five-star hotels to B&Bs and hostels. In some parts of the state, the cities a placed hundreds of kilometres apart, and on these distances it can be difficult to find anything else than camping sites and hostels. Book your hotel in Northern Territory here

Local transport



It's relatively easy to find a taxi in the major cities, where they can be hired in the streets or called for over the telephone. In the very small towns and in the large, desert areas, it can be impossible to get a taxi.

Other transport

Northern Territory has a well-developed bus system, where you can buy a bus pass and use it according to your needs. Furthermore, there are lots of arranged tours and trips in four-wheel driven vehicles.

Special conditions

Travellers need to be aware that it is only allowed to cross the Aboriginals' land on the highway. If you wish to leave the highway, you'll need a special permit.
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