Attractions from Northern Territory

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The islands of Bathurst and Melville (Darwin)
The islands are located about 80 km north of Darwin, and are almost covered by rainforest and impressive waterfalls. The islands are the home of the Tiwi people, famous for their tie-and-dye, silk clothing, weaving and crockery. The Tiwi people will gladly invite you inside and tell you about their culture and religion, but the islands can only be visited on organised one- or two-day trips.
Kakadu National Park (Northern Territory)
This park is situated 252 km east of Darwin, and covers an area of about 19,000 sq km. The system of rivers and the plains in Kakadu is an interactive ecosystem, constantly developing in its natural surroundings. The park contains more than 10,000 different animals.
Litchfield National Park (Northern Territory)
Litchfield National Park is about two hours of drive from Darwin, and is known for its impressive waterfalls, roaring down in deep holes, surrounded by dense rainforest. The park is also the home of The Lost City, a fascinating formation of sandstone. Furthermore, you can go swimming or walking in beautiful natural surroundings.

Area and city attractions

• Adelaide
• Broome
• Darwin
• Perth
• Sydney
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