Travel guide to Northern Thailand

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Travel preparation


Best time to visit

The climate in Northern Thailand is cooler than in the rest of the country. This therefore makes the area worth visiting all year round, and it is a welcomed change from Bangkok's heat and polluted air.


Chiang Mai Peoples of the Golden Triangle

Local conditions


Time zone

When the time is 12:00 in England it is 19:00 in Northern Thailand. Thailand does not change to summertime so during the summer there is only a five-hour time difference.

Culture and entertainment

Northern Thailand is the area in Thailand that makes the most out of celebrating the national and religious festivals, especially Songkran that is celebrated in the middle of April and is truly an experience. A large part of Thailand's art wares, such as silver jewellery, woodcarvings, and umbrellas are produced in Chiang Mai.

Accommodation / Hotel

In the small villages you should not have too high expectations about your accommodations. The cities usually only have a couple of hotels and none of them are in the deluxe class. In Chiang Mai you will have more to choose from, and here you will also find hotels equivalent to western standards. Book your hotel in Northern Thailand here

Local transport



There are not many taxis in Northern Thailand, or in the rather large Chiang Mai. In stead Tuk Tuks dominate the cities' streets.

Other transport

If you have to travel around in the area then transportation can be done by the local busses. They are not always well kept and due to the large holes in the roads the journey can be rather bumpy.
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