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Ho Chi Mins house on piles: (Hanoi)
As Ho Chi Min did not want to live in the presidential palace, he lived instead in a beautiful house on piles in the garden behind the presidential palace. The ground floor is open as in the villages in the north provinces, and it was used for meetings etc. The first floor was Ho Chi Min's private chambers.
The art museum: (Hanoi)
The art museum of Vietnam opened for the first time on 24th June 1966. An extensive collection of Vietnamese architecture, art of drawings, sculptures and art is exhibited in the museum. The museum also has a fine exhibition of the special art of ethnic minorities.
The Hoan Kiem Lake: (Hanoi)
The Hoan Kiem Lake is situated in the part of Hanoi. According to the legend, a giant golden turtle came up from the lake and took the sword it had lend to King Le Li in 1427 so that he could drive away the Chinese occupying troops. There are still turtles in the lake, and if you see the golden turtle it means good luck.
The pagoda on a column: (Hanoi)
The pagoda was founded in the 11th century by King Ly Thai Tong. The pagoda, which can be seen today, is from 1955 as the original pagoda was destroyed in the war. The pagoda is shaped as a lotus flower; the column is the stalk and the pagoda is the flower. The pagoda has great symbolic value for the Vietnamese.
Cuc Phuong: (Northern Vietnam)
The most famous national park in Vietnam, Cuc Phuong, is situated south of Hanoi. The park, which is surrounded by two chains of mountains, has a very special climate providing splendid growing conditions for the plants in the park. In the sanctuary, there are almost 170 mammal species and more than 130 different bird species.
Dien Bien Phu: (Northern Vietnam)
The battle at Dien Bien Phu has become to mean a lot for the Vietnamese struggle for liberty, and today this town is more than any other town the symbol of the defeat of the French colonial power. The town has a museum, which e.g. exhibits weapons. There is also a model of the battle.
Farms (Northern Vietnam)
Farms in the north-western mountains are still build in traditional Vietnamese style. The open ground floor in the house is used as stable and workshop. The upper part of the house is living quarters. The houses look as if they were built on piles

Area and city attractions

• Hanoi
• Ho Chi Minh City
• Hue
• Nha Trang
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