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Novgorod Fort (Novgorod)
Forts were an integrated part of all old Russian cities, and Novgorod is no exception. The city was built up around this fortification, which in a way has decided how the city came to appear. Several centuries ago, the fort was the administrative, social and religious centre, where all the city's arrangements were held, including elections and popular assemblies.
St Sophia Cathedral (Novgorod)
Novgorod's mighty Byzantine cathedral, St Sophia, was finished in 1050. It serves as the city's main church and is probably the oldest church in Russia. The western doors, which were won from the Swedes, are decorated with biblical images, cast in bronze. The icons indoors are from the 14th century, while some of the cathedral's even older icons are in a museum.
The church of Spasa-na-Iline (Novgorod)
This church, from the 14th century, is one of the most charming buildings in Russia. The subtle ornaments and gable constructions play with each other on the outside of the building, while you can see the only well preserved fresco of the Spasa-na-Iline church on the inside.
Vitoslavlitsy Museum of Wooden Architecture (Novgorod)
An open-air museum for the wooden village of Vitoslavlitsy, which can be dated back to the 12th century, is situated between Novgorod and the Yuriev monastery in a pleasant, open moor landscape, surrounded by idyllic lakes, rivers and meadows.

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