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Miami Beach (Orlando)
Miami Beach is primarily known because of its excellent 19 kilometers long beach with hot, clear water. Large amounts of tourists come here to enjoy the tropical climate. Around the beach there are good opportunities for roller-skating, biking or skateboarding. A trip along the Promenade with a view of the beach offers some of the most beautiful visual experiences in the area, and if you get up early, it is very likely that you will meet professional photographers taking pictures of the beautiful landscape.
SeaWorld Adventure Park (Orlando)
This huge park combines entertainment with the mysteries of the sea and protection of the vulnerable environment. In the park you can meet Shamu, a killer whale, performing in one of the many shows in the park. You can also go on a trip to the North Pole and Atlantis, where you can see the walruses, polar bears and whales living in these places. Furthermore there are many shows with dolphins, sea lions, sharks and penguins.
Walt Disney World Resort (Orlando)
Disney World is the biggest amusement park in the world. The Park has four different areas: The Magic Kingdom which has seven different themes, the Epcot Center, a science- and exhibition center, the Disney MGM Studios, a film and theme park, and the Animal Kingdom, an adventure and safari park with wild animals and exotic landscapes.

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