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Cathédrale de Notre-Dame de Paris (Paris)
The Cathedral of Notre Dame is one of the most famous landmarks in Paris. It became known throughout the world when Victor Hugo decided to let Quasimodo be bell ringer in this church. The Cathedral's unique location at Île de la Cité in the middle of Seine makes it possible to see Notre Dame from both sides of the Seine. The first stone was laid in 1163 and since its completion 150 years later the Gothic church has been the most important religious centre in Paris.
LArc de Triomphe (The Triumphal Arch) (Paris)
Opposite Place de la Concorde in the other end of Champs Elysée stands the Triumphal Arch. The largest triumphal arch in the world was a present from Napoleon to his returning soldiers. Sadly, Napoleon himself never got to see it in use. This symbol of freedom is also a memorial to the Unknown Soldier. Each morning at 6.30 a.m. a flame is lit to remember the many millions who have lost their lives in the battlefield.
Musée du Louvre (Paris)
Known throughout the world for some of the most valuable pieces of art in the Western World, the Louvre with its more than 300.000 pieces of art is impressive. Among some of the famous masterpieces in this enormous museum is Mona Lisa and Venus from Milo. In Louvre you will find art dating from the Antiquity, over the Renaissance to Modern Art.
The Eiffel Tower (Paris)
To the world the Eiffel tower is the symbol of Paris. The little more than hundred-year-old tower stands as the citys landmark looking down at the busy life in the streets. The 307 meter high iron construction can be seen almost everywhere in Paris. In spite of the long cues it is worth waiting for the elevator that takes you to a fabulous view over Paris or to eat at the restaurant "Jules Verne"
The Place of Concorde (Paris)
A Luzor obelisk from 13th century Egypt dominates the most glorious place in Paris. This place used to be called Place de la Révolution and was the centre for one of the most horrendous bloodbaths in European history. The guillotine was placed here during the French Revolution and more than 1200 people was decapitated. Today Place de la Concorde is one of the main traffic points in Paris and 8 roadways, which are not divided makes it a horrible place for new drivers.

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