Travel guide to Polish Tatra Mountains

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Local name
Tatry Polskie

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

The tatras are beautiful both summer and winter. In winter the area is Poland's best and most frequented ski resort and in summer many tourists enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12 noon in Denmark, it is 12 noon in the Tatras.

Culture and entertainment

In Zakopane, the principal city of the Tatras, you can visit a range of attractions and exhibitions of the culture, nature and people in the Tatras. Moreover, a big folk festival is held every year at the end of August.

Accommodation / Hotel

Towns in the Tatra region offer many possibilities of private accommodation - even if you haven't booked in advance. In Zakopane there are also boarding houses and hotels. Book your hotel in Polish Tatra Mountains here

Local transport



Taxis only operate in the major towns in the Tatras.

Other transport

There are several mountain bus services in the Tatras.
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