Travel guide to Porto

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Local name
When it is noon (12.00) in Denmark it is 11 am in Porto

Best time to visit

Porto can be visited all year round. The city does not get too hot or humid in summer, nor to cold in the winter. June is a good time if you would like to experience a folk party. This is the time of Festa de Sâo Joäo where music and dancing fills the streets of Porto.

Culture and entertainment

June is a month of partying in Porto. Here they celebrate the Festa de Sâo Joäo where the Portuguese are dancing in the streets and hitting each other on the heads with leek. Amongst other things you should see the bridge of Dom Luís I crossing the Douro River. You can also visit one of the many vineyards around Porto, famed for the export of wine. The city also has a beautiful opera house, if you are interested.

Accommodation / Hotel

There are loads of possibilities of accommodation in the city. Everything from pensions to large expensive luxury hotels. Try the combined apartments and hotels, where you get your own apartment but benefits from the hotel service. They are marked with an A. Book your hotel in Porto here

Local transport



It is relatively easy to take a taxi in Porto. The are orderly since they stick to the taximeter

Other transport

There are good train and bus connections to the rest of Portugal. There is no metro in the city, but on the other hand the local bus routes are plentiful.

Special conditions

Porto is famous for its export of wine and it is common that tourists visit the different vineyards that are located in the vicinity. If you are interested in football you can see the stadium of Porto football club.
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