Travel guide to Provence


Local name
4.426.263 (2000)

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

Provence is lovely most parts of the year but the fall is especially beautiful when the strong late summer's sun heats the earth and makes the scent of the herbs even stronger. In the summer months this famous region is invaded by tourists who wish to experience Provence so it can be hard to find places at a hotel or in a bar.

Local conditions


Time zone

GMT + 1 hour

Culture and entertainment

There are a lot of festivals in the area among others a gypsy festival in the city Saintes Maries de la Mer in the end of May. In Avignon there is a theatre festival from the middle of July to the middle of August. Arles with its beautiful outdoor antic theatres and scenes is the perfect spot for the recurring photo and film festival. In the summer Aix-en-Provence has a jazz festival that attracts a lot of visitors.

Accommodation / Hotel

There are a lot of hotels covering all prices in the area. It is only hard to find a place to sleep during the festivals but then it is a very good idea to book long time in advance. Since the beautiful scenery and the pleasant climate is ideal for camping, camping sites can be found all over the area making it easier for lovers of nature to feel comfortable. Book your hotel in Provence here

Local transport



Most cities in the areas has taxis. The easiest way to get a taxi is calling for one over the phone.

Other transport

The cities are connected by bus that drives regularly. The railway is mainly situated along the water but most of the larger cities have a train station. You will find busses in larger cities.
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