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Musée des Docks Roman (Marseille)
The things left behind by the Romans can be seen among other places at Marseille's port. The roman harbour was discovered when German bombs in 1943 displayed the exciting ruins from Antiquity. The ruins can be seen at this museum.
The Church Basilique Saint Victor (Marseille)
The oldest church in the city in many ways resembles a fort. The saint the church is named after died as a martyr crushed between to millstones. The church was built in his memory. For a small amount you can visit the crypt and the catacombs below the church.
The Fortification Château dIf (Marseille)
The island situated 20 minutes by boat from Marseille was the centre of the story " The count of Monte Christo" written by Alexander Dumas. The fortification was used as a prison and nobody ever escaped in real life. The largest part of the prisoners was locked up here for political or religious reasons. Most of the prisoners ended up crazy or dead as a result of the confinement on this dark rock island.
Musée dArt Moderne et dArt Contemporain (Nice)
One of the most important cultural centres at Côte d'Azur is Nice's museum for modern art. The exhibition focuses on French names but the master of pop art Andy Warhold and the neo-realist Roy Lichtenstein can also be found in its collection.
The Parade des Anglais (Nice)
English people sensitive to cold went to the mild Southern France to nurse their rheumatism and asthma in the temperate climate. They recuperated on this parade that stretches from Vieux Nice alongside the water and passes the fashionable hotels. Now you can enjoy the azure sea, the beautiful topless girls and the swaying palms on a walk surrounded by roller skaters, bikers and tourists with cameras.
The Ruined Castle Le parc du Château (Nice)
Even though it says castle on the sign you will have difficulty finding the old Roman acropolis that used to be on this mountain that towers over the old part of the city. Although there has not been any fortification in the last 300 years the place is still named after the old fortification. Walking up the mountain is demanding but in return you will be rewarded with an excellent view from the top. Up here you can see the entire Bay of Angels while Nice lies in the deep squeezed in between green mountains.
The Chasm Les gorges du tarn (Provence)
Nature's wilderness can be seen here where a 80 metre long chasm can be experienced. In some places the chasm is half a kilometre. In the bottom of the chasm you can go at a boat trip or experience a cave with more than 400 gigantic stalactites and stalagmites.
The City Avignon (Provence)
In Avignon you will find a bridge from the 12th century named Pont St. Benezet, which attracts many tourists to the city. The city also has a lot of other sights. 9 different popes has had their head quarters in the city which played a large part in the political intrigues in the Middle Ages. At le Palais des Papes from the 14th century or one of the many large museums you can learn more of the story.
The City Les Arènes in Arles (Provence)
The Romans have left their mark on this beautiful antique city situated at the shore of the Rhône River. In the city's arena the spectators can experience true bullfighting at a close look. The arena is open for visitors between the shows. The city also has a historical museum called Le Musée de l'Arles Antique that describes the life and deeds of the Romans.
The City Saint Tropez (Saint Tropez)
If you want to rub shoulders with the rich and famous this is the place to go. Stars go here to get a tan. The truly famous stays at their yachts anchored at a good distance from the coast so you will only be able to see them through long tele lenses as the paparazzi do. Saint Tropez is a fine medieval city with luxurious stores, excellent food and a good nightlife on shore for those without a yacht.

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