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The City of Chandigarh (Chandigarh)
Chandigarh is in Haryana. The European architect Le Corbusier built the whole city, and it is a very special city compared to other cities in India. The city is very functionally built; there are many open spaces and green parks. It is clean; there are not any beggars on the streets or cows roaming around in the city, which is normal in India. The Indians are very proud of Chandigarh that is not like any other city in the country.
The City of Amritsar (Punjab & Haryana)
Amritsar is in Punjab and was founded by Ram Das, who was the Sikh's fourth guru. The city is the center for the Sikh religion, and it is also here that you will find the Sikh's golden temples. In Amritsar you will also find Jallianwala Bagh that is a park that functions as a burial ground for 2000 Indians that were killed by the British in 1919, during a massacre that you can see in the movie "Ghandi".
The Golden Temples (Punjab & Haryana)
The golden temples are the most sacred places in the whole Sikh religion. The temples are an extremely beautiful and peaceful place, especially in the morning when there are not that many people. The golden temples are definitely worth a visit and there are English guides there to show you around. Before you enter the temple you have to remove your shoes and cover your head.

Area and city attractions

• Benares
• Calcutta
• Chandigarh
• Chennai (Madras)
• Delhi
• Kohima
• Mumbai (Bombay)
• Agra
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