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Jaipur (Rajahstan)
Jaipur is known as the pink city because of its pink houses. The inhabitants consider pink to be a color that is associated with kindness. It is said that the houses were colored pink when the British Prince Alfred visited the city in 1853. Today over 1.500.000 million live in the city, but its inhabitants have maintained the city's easy-going atmosphere and friendliness. The city has an infinite number of impressive architectural buildings and is surrounded by beautiful nature and hilled landscape.
Jaisalmer (Rajahstan)
Jaisalmer is a desert village and it is also known as the Golden City because of the honey colored glow that rests on the city when the suns last rays hit it. The city built almost like a fort, and it is an extremely fantastic experience.
The Pushkar Region (Rajahstan)
Pushkar is primarily known for Lake Pushkar and for the annual camel races in October. Many temples and ghats surround the Lake and it is a sacred place to many Hindu. The city is the center for many pilgrims and you will see many Hindu who come to the city to bath in the lake. The camel races are definitely an attraction in Pushkar. Tourists and moviemakers flock to the city to see this show, and it definitely is not boring.
Udaipur (Rajahstan)
Udaipur is said to be the most romantic city in the romantic state of Rajasthan. It is built around the beautiful lake Pichola. The city is a wonderful mixture of whitewashed houses, squares with marble, temples, and fantastic gardens on the banks of the lake. The water supply possibilities the lake creates make the city a noticeable oasis in an otherwise dry area.

Area and city attractions

• Benares
• Calcutta
• Chandigarh
• Chennai (Madras)
• Delhi
• Kohima
• Mumbai (Bombay)
• Agra
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