Travel guide to Rhodes and Kos

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Local name
Rhodes: Nísos Kos: Kos
Rhodes: 100,000 Kos: 22,000

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

Rhodes and Kos can be visited all year round. The beaches and water are best between April and November, but the climate is amazing, and the winter and fall are mild as well.

Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12.00 in England, it is 14.00 in Rhodes and Kos.

Culture and entertainment

The islands both have a hectic nightlife during the summer, as well as festivals and concerts. You can also do all sorts of sports, such as hiking and water sports. In Rhodes, you can see the historical attraction, the statue of Colossus, which it took 12 years to build.

Accommodation / Hotel

The two islands have a large number of hotels. The large hotel chains dominate, but it is also possible to find something smaller and less expensive. There are plenty of private pensions and camping sites on the island, too. Book your hotel in Rhodes and Kos here

Local transport



It's relatively easy to get a taxi in both Rhodes and Crete. Most taxis have taximeters and are fairly cheap.

Other transport

There are local buses operating between the major towns in the islands, and both island have a domestic airport. The ferries sail regularly between Rhodes, Kos and the mainland and some of the other islands.

Special conditions

Note that tourists crowd both Rhodes and Kos during the high season. It's a good idea to visit the islands during spring, where it's more quiet, but nice and warm.
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