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Saint Peters Church (Rome)
One of the most prominent churches in the Christian world is Saint Peter's Church. The church was founded on top of the tomb of Saint Peter back in the fourth century AD, but in the year 1506 a new church was erected replacing the original smaller one. In 1547, Michelangelo was assigned the supervision of the building of the church, but at the time of his death the church still wasn't finished. The church is an impressing construction that is certain to take your breath away.
The Roman bath of Caracalla (Rome)
This gigantic Roman complex had room for 1600 people, and was fitted with stores, gardens, and libraries. The bath was built in the second century AD, and existed for about 400 years. If you want to se this magnificent building from the inside, it is open for visitors from Sunday to Thursday.
The Vatican City (Rome)
The Vatican is a city within the city, and is located in the middle of Rome. In 1929, the Pope was given full sovereignty of the area by Mussolini, and today the city has it's own postal service, currency, and newspaper. If in Rome, a visit to the Vatican City is a must!

Area and city attractions

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• Milan
• Naples
• Rome
• Venice
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