Travel guide to Schleswig-Holstein


Local name

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

Schleswig-Holstein can be very cold in winters. It is therefore best to go in summer in order profit from all the beaches along the northern Frisian coast.

Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12.00 in England, it is 13.00 in Schleswig-Holstein.

Culture and entertainment

Schleswig-Holstein has many areas suited for biking holiday. You can for example combine biking and ferry trips on the northern Frisian Islands. Furthermore, there are music, food and beer festivals in the major cities.

Accommodation / Hotel

There are lots of hotels, guest houses and hostels in Schleswig-Holstein. You can also stay at camping sites, pensions or private rooms. Each city's tourist office can help you find accommodation. Book your hotel in Schleswig-Holstein here

Local transport



It is easy to get a taxi in Schleswig-Holstein, but if you are travelling in areas that are thinly populated it is probably a good idea to use another form of transport.

Other transport

Deutsche Bahn covers almost all of Schleswig-Holstein with busses and trains. Furthermore, there are a lot of ferry connections between the coastal cities and to the surrounding countries.
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