Attractions from Schleswig-Holstein

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Air balloons over Hamburg (Hamburg)
If you have enough money and wishes to see Hamburg from above, you can contact an air ballooning company, which offers trips between April and October of duration of one hour.
Panoptikum Wax cabinet (Hamburg)
The only wax cabinet in Germany is at Speilbudenplatz in Hamburg. It contains over 100 famous people from history, sports and showbizz.
Nolde Museum (Schleswig-Holstein)
The Nolde Museum is situated in Seebüll only few kilometres from the Danish-German border. The museum contains over approximately 200 paintings by the expressionist painter Emil Hansen from Nolde. The museum is placed in a beautiful flower park made by the artist.
Schleswig Cathedral (Schleswig-Holstein)
Northwest of Schleswig-Holstein's main city Kiel is the old city of Schleswig. The city has played a major role in history. The biggest attraction in the city is the cathedral, which was founded in the beginning of the 11th century. Later is has been rebuilt several times. Inside the church is the famous Brüggeman alter, which is a wood carving work of art ranking among the best in the world.

Area and city attractions

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