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Museo del Bellas Artes (Seville)
This museum is one of the most beautiful in Spain. It is situated at a small square a short distance from the city centre and the street noise. The building build by the architect Juan de Oviedo is from 1612. Flowers and green plants decorate the museum that houses an impressive collection of Spanish art from the Middle Ages till today.
The Minaret (Seville)
The minaret at Seville's impressive cathedral was used by the Moors to call the faithful to prayer and to observe the city. The Moors held the minaret in so high esteem that they wanted to destroy it before the Christians got hold of it when they conquered the city. They were stopped in doing so by King Alfonso X who threatened to cut off their heads if they removed as much as one single stone.
The Neighbourhood Barrio Santa Cruz (Seville)
This neighbourhood in Seville is an enchanting place. Here the narrow streets made out of cobblestone wind between cafés and bars. The neighbourhood is a part of the old Jewish quarter. Among the many sights to be found here you will find the Gothic cathedral.

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