Travel guide to Seville


Local name
When it is 12 am in England it is 1 p.m. in Seville.

Best time to visit

Seville can be visited all year round but it is most pleasant during spring, winter and fall. The summer can be intolerable hot and since Seville is in the middle of the country you can't just go for a dip. During springtime the city has a pleasant climate and several festivals.

Culture and entertainment

Seville hosts two of the largest festivals in the province, perhaps two of the largest in all of Spain. Semana Santa during Easter is a magnificent sight when Spaniards in disguise with masks go through the city in a carnival procession. Feria de Abril in April is a true party with drinks, tasty food and flamenco. Besides the festivals Seville is the place to go for fans of bullfighting.

Accommodation / Hotel

There are plenty of hotels in all prices in Seville. You can also find more humble and cheap boarding houses to spend the night. Barrio de Santa Cruz is the best neighbourhood to go looking if you need a cheap place to live. You can also find camping sites and hostels in Seville. Book your hotel in Seville here

Local transport



It is easy to get a taxi in Seville. You can hire one on the street and it is a cheap way to get around. The taxis drive by a metre.

Special conditions

The first Roman colony in Spain was Italic north of Seville. Here you can still see the ruins and remains left behind from the Roman occupation.
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