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Shanghai Museum (Shanghai)
This fantastic building was finished in 1996 and settles with the Chinese museums of the past. Gone are the long hallways and semi-boring exhibitions and instead an architectural jewel has been erected. The museum's buildings are shaped as a Chinese bronze urn and contain one of the world's most impressive collections of Chinese art. This is a must-see.
The Chinese district (Shanghai)
In the old Chinese district you'll find, besides the district, which is a sight in its own right, the Garden and Bazaar of Joy (Yuayuan), which is an excellent place to have lunch, where many small stalls are offering Chinese delicacies. Wuxntin's teahouse is situated in the middle of a lake near the bazaar where you can enjoy some excellent tea.
The main street Nanjing Lu (Shanghai)
Nanjing Lu is Shanghai's main street, where enormous department stores lies side by side, and all sorts of things can be bought. Two of the department stores, Hualian and Shanghai No.1 were also there before Mao Zedong proclaimed the People's Republic of China in 1949.
The seaside front The Bund (Shanghai)
The Bund is Shanghais most famous seaside front, which, back in the 1930s, was Chinas equivalent to Wall Street. The banks and insurance companies were situated in these large buildings in French Empire style, but this stopped as Communism took over and changed the entire city. Today the financial world is finding its way back into the old buildings. The Bund has a large seaside promenade, sizzling of life both day and night.

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