Travel guide to Shanghai

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Local name
When it is 12.00 in Denmark, it is 19.00 in Shanghai.

Best time to visit

The best time to go to Shanghai is in the spring and in the fall. In the winter the temperatures often reach well below freezing point, and the summers are very warm and humid.


Fodors Citypack Shanghai

Culture and entertainment

Shanghai is the city that never sleeps and the nightlife is better than ever. When in Shanghai, you should go see one of the fantastic acrobat shows. Several festivals are held during the year, such as the Shanghai Music Festival in May and the Shanghai Beer Festival in June. The Chinese New Year is usually celebrated in February with pomp and circumstance.

Accommodation / Hotel

Generally speaking it is more expensive to live in Shanghai than the rest of China. The best hotels are found in the center of the city, and the old hotels have been renovated and in excellent condition today. At the airport the largest and most expensive luxury hotels are to be found. Book your hotel in Shanghai here

Local transport



There are many taxis in the streets of Shanghai and they're very cheap as well. The price per km is written in the windows, and all taxis have taximeters.

Other transport

The subway: The subway is supposed to become the primary means of transport in Shanghai, but as yet, only one line has been built and is operated. City buses: The city buses can get you anywhere, if you know how to read the maps or have a special map, as all destinations are written in Chinese.
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