Travel guide to Siam Bay

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Travel preparation


Local conditions


Time zone

When the time is 12:00 in England it is 19:00 in all of Thailand. Thailand does not change to summertime so during the summer there is only a five-hour time difference.

Culture and entertainment

Along the wonderful beaches in the area you can practice all kinds of water sports. Pattaya is famous for its beautiful drag shows, where men perform dressed in women's clothing and makeup. It is almost impossible to see that it is men that are up there on the stage and not women.

Accommodation / Hotel

Accommodations of all sorts can be found in the area. In Hua Hin and Pattaya the spectrum spreads from luxury hotels to bungalows to modest huts. In the smaller cities there are fewer choices. The hotels are modest, but still of good quality. Book your hotel in Siam Bay here

Local transport



Catching a taxicab in the area's larger cities is not a problem. They can be stopped on the street, but you should remember to negotiate a price before beginning the ride. Bicycle taxis are suitable for shorter trips in the city. They are faster in the heavy traffic and they are cheaper.

Other transport

If you are going to be travelling around in the area there are splendid buss and train connections between the cities.
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