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The Bell Tower (Sian)
The first Ming-emperor, Zhu Yuanzhan, to keep evil powers away, built the city's bell tower in 1384. Xi'an is the former capital of China and he feared that "the dead city" would take its revenge. The bell tower is square with three floors and is a beautiful sight with its green glazed roof, blue and green walls with a speckle of gold.
The Great Pagoda of the Grey Lag Goose (Sian)
The pagoda was built in 652 and thus dates back to the Tang-dynasty. The pagoda is very simple in its shape, consists of seven square floors and is 64 metres high. It was originally built to accommodate the Buddhist scriptures that the monk Xuan Zang brought back from a journey to India.
Xian city wall (Sian)
The impressive city wall surrounding the entire city is 24 km long and 12 metres high. It's undergoing renovation these recent years, where many of the guard towers with pagoda-roof are rebuilt. The same man who built the bell tower, Zhu Yuanzhan, built the wall to protect the city against attacks.

Area and city attractions

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