Attractions from South Australia

Attractions from

Adelaide (Adelaide)
The capital of South Australia impresses with its modern architecture, mixed with the old, caroming and restored buildings. The city is the cultural stronghold of the state, and several festivals are held throughout the year. A large number of the restaurants and cafés are located on the impressive hills surrounding Adelaide.
Big River Country (South Australia)
The river Murray reaches its climax in this beautiful area, and a perfect way to relax is to take the paddle steamer on a trip down the river. The trip will take you through wine districts and old, historic towns. There are ample possibilities of fishing, diving and sailing, but the climax is whale watching.
Barossa (South Australia)
Barossa is situated about an hour's drive from Adelaide, and is a great, intimate place with lots of older architecture. Barossa is the home of about 50 vineyards, from small family-businesses to large, national companies. An impressive region with lots of opportunities to taste some wine.

Area and city attractions

• Adelaide
• Broome
• Darwin
• Perth
• Sydney
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