Travel guide to Southern Mexico

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Local name
El sur

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

You'd better stay away from South Mexico between May and October, as the area becomes so unbearably hot and humid that it barely helps to go for a swim. The other half of the year, it is a very attractive area.

Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12.00 in England, it is 05.00 in South Mexico.

Culture and entertainment

South Mexico, especially Acapulco, has many forms of entertainment, and in the evening and the night, the city turns into a paradise of coloured lamps, discos, casinos, bars and loud music. You can see the famous divers who plunge themselves into a small bay from 45 metres height in Plaza de la Quebrada, and you can go to a bullfight.

Accommodation / Hotel

South Mexico is full of hotels in all price ranges. The luxury hotels dominate Acapulco, although you can find cheaper accommodation in downtown Acapulco. You can also find a guesthouse (casas de huespedes) or camping sites. Book your hotel in Southern Mexico here

Local transport



It is easy getting a taxi in major cities and resorts such as Acapulco, but they don't always have taximeters, so you should agree on the price with the driver before the ride.

Other transport

There's a domestic airport in Acapulco, and the bus connections to the rest of the country are excellent.

Special conditions

Notice the landscape between Taxco and Acapulco. It is very strange, with bizarre mountain formations, cactuses and fantastic panoramic sceneries.
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