Attractions from Southern Switzerland

Attractions from

The city of Interlaken (Interlaken)
Interlaken is the essence of Swiss tourism, where you'll find a fantastic view of the immense Jungfrau, the more than 100 year old hotel Grand Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau and an atmosphere of classical Swiss romanticism.
The city of Locarno (Locarno)
Locarno, by the banks of the lake Lago Maggiore, is a well-visited destination for many tourists. You can take a boat to both Italian and Swiss destinations from the shores of the lake, and the city host a long series of events throughout the year, such as a film festival in August.
Leventina Valley (Southern Switzerland)
Strada Alta, on the eastside of Leventina, is a 45-km long hiking trail. The trip can be divided into lapses (there are many places to spend the night along the trail) and takes you through beautiful nature and by historical buildings.
Val Verzasca Valley (Southern Switzerland)
Val Verzasca is a 30 km deep, beautiful valley, where a more than 200 years old bridge is used for bungee jumping. The valley contains a lot of small, cosy villages, old romantic bridges and marked hiking trails.

Area and city attractions

• Bern
• Chur
• Fribourg
• Geneva
• Gstaad
• Interlaken
• La Chaux-de-Fonds
• Lausanne
• Locarno
• Zürich
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