Travel guide to Sporades

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Travel preparation


Best time to visit

The Cyclades can be visited all year round. The islands are warm and nice from April to November, when the beaches are at their best, but if you want to avoid the many tourists, it's better to go in the winter, when it's a bit cooler.

Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12.00 in England, it is 14.00 in the Sporades.

Culture and entertainment

The main attractions in The Sporades are the fantastic beaches, the beautiful, green scenery and the great possibilities for doing water sports. If you're looking for a great nightlife, Skiathos is the island to visit, as it never seems to sleep and have plenty of bars and discos to choose from.

Accommodation / Hotel

There is a good deal of hotels, but you'll need to book well in advance, as the islands are very popular. Hotels and pensions are quite expensive, but there are also some camping sites on the islands. Book your hotel in Sporades here

Local transport



It is possible to get a taxi in the Sporades, but only in the main towns and ports, and even here, there are only a few of them.

Other transport

There are only a few local buses in the Sporades, but a lot of ferries sailing between the islands and the mainland. Many people rent a scooter or a motorcycle to get around.

Special conditions

If you're looking for peace and quiet, then stay away Skiathos. The island is infested with young people in a party mood during the high season, and there's never a quiet moment.
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