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Isaacs Cathedral (St. Petersburg)
St Petersburg's largest church, which took 40 years and many human lives to build, rises above the ground with its 100 metres tall gold dome, and can seat 14,000 people. It was built by the French architect August Montferrand and it cost 20 million roubles, which is six times more expensive than the Winter Palace.
Nevskij Prospekt (St. Petersburg)
The main street in St Petersburg is 4.5 km long and 60 metres wide at its broadest. Founded by Peter the Great in 1710 and extending from the spire of the Admiralty to the Alexander Nevskij monastery in the east, this street has everything you could ask for in sights, restaurants, shops, entertainment and hotels.
The Hermitage (St. Petersburg)
With Louvre as the sole exception, no other museum in the world equals the Hermitage, regarding quality artwork. The art museum is located in continuation of the Winter Palace, and contains around 3 million pieces of art, spread out on 20 km of hallways.
The Peter-Paul Fortification (St. Petersburg)
The Peter-Paul fort is situated on a hexagonal island in the middle of St Petersburg's main arterial road, the Neva River. Founded by Peter the Great in 1703, it originally served as a guard against the Swedes. The Peter-Paul Cathedral is located in the middle of the fort, where it was St Petersburg's tallest building for more than 200 years, with its 122-metres tall spire.
The Russian Museum (St. Petersburg)
If you like Russian paintings and icons, you should visit the Russian Museum, which contains 350,000 artworks in its collection, in St Petersburg. All the works have been made by Russians and the museum contains comprehensive collections by the country's most famous artists.
Vasiljevskij Island (St. Petersburg)
Opposite the Winter Palace is the Vasiljevskij Island, the largest of St Petersburg's 42 islands, which was originally intended as Peter the Great's administrational seat. This was given up when the idea showed to be too difficult to realise, and the area became the attractive residential area, which it still is today.

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