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Bohorok Orang-utan Rehabilitation Center (Sumatra)
In this centre the admirable work of training once captured orang-utans to live in nature again takes place. You can see the orang-utans being fed and a video on the centre's work.
Gunung Leuser National Park (Sumatra)
One of the world's greatest national parks and located in the northern area of Sumatra, it includes a rehabilitation centre for orang-utans. The area, starting at Bukit Lawang and comprising about 10,000 sq km, offers excellent opportunities for walking in jungle while enjoying the sight of the beautiful orang-utans. The rest of the animal life includes 320 bird species, 176 species of mammal, 194 reptiles and 52 species of amphibians, while the flora is even more extensive.
Lake Toba (Sumatra)
Lake Toba is a major tourist magnet, and is the largest lake in all of Southeast Asia and is in fact an enormous volcanic crater filled with water. In the lake, which is situated 176 km from Medan, is the island Samosir, which is where travellers stay while they enjoy the nature and the special Batak houses scattered all over the island.
Siberut Island (Sumatra)
The adventurous can profit from a visit to Siberut Island, where the original Mentanavi people can still be experienced. Everything on the island is utterly primitive, but is still well worth a visit.

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• Yogyakarta
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