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Fort St George (Chennai (Madras))
The fort was built around 1653 by the British East Indian Regiment. Since then the fort has been altered a great deal, but the 46-meter high flagpole is still standing in front of the entrance. The pole is an old mast from a ship that sank off the coast in the 1700's. Inside the fort you will find a museum that exhibits objects from both the British and the French.
The Government Museum (Chennai (Madras))
The museum is in buildings that once belonged to a high-ranking British Government Officer. The museum's main building contains an excellent archeological section where all the large time periods in the country are represented. The Bronze Gallery in the museum has an impressive collection of bronze art from ancient time.
The Sir Parthasarathy Temple (Chennai (Madras))
The Sir Parthasarathy Temple
The Brihadishwara Temple (Tamil Nadu)
The Brihadishwara Temple was built by Raja Raja in 1010 and is the prize jewel of the Chola's temple architecture. The monument is truly amazing and an impressive work of construction. The wonderful architectural and aesthetic structure has to be visited if you are going to this area.
The City of Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu)
Kanyakumari is the end of the India; it is here that the Bengali Gulf meets the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. The city is of great religious significance for the Hindu. This place is dedicated to the Goddess Devi Kanya and pilgrims flock to the city to visit the temple or to bath in the holy water.
The City of Mamallapuram (Tamil Nadu)
Mamallapuram is famous for its coastal temple. The city is ancient and was actually at its best from the 5th century to the 8th century. At that time several temples were built as well as several stone carvings. These monuments are still standing as ruins and are truly amazing to explore. Moreover, Mamallapuram has some very fantastic beaches.

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