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The Big Buddha (Thailand Islands)
The 12 metres high gold statue of Buddha is in a sitting position and is one of Koh Samui's most popular attractions. You will find the statue in Wat Phra Yai on the island of Koh Fan. The top of the temple has a fantastic view.
The Na Muang Waterfall on Koh Samui (Thailand Islands)
Na Muang is really two waterfalls. The first one is easy to get to and is 18 metres high. At the bottom of the waterfall there is a lovely little "swimming hole" where you can take a refreshing dip. The second waterfall is 80 metres high. The trip to the waterfall is rough so be sure to wear proper shoes.
The Nail and Koh Pannyi (Thailand Islands)
These two islands are situated in the Phang Nga Bay. The Nail came into the world's limelight because some of the scenes from the James Bond movie "The Man With The Golden Gun" were filmed here. Close to The Nail is Koh Pannyi that is a sea gypsy village. The village is right up against a cliff and is built in the water. While sailing in Phang Nga one usually stops on Koh Pannyi to eat.

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