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The Giac Lamp Pagoda: (Ho Chi Minh City)
The pagoda, which is considered to be the oldest pagoda in the city, was built in 1744. Just before you reach the pagoda, is a 32m tall tower built in 1993. Inside the pagoda is a large number of bronze figures of which the oldest one is from the 18th century. The characteristic altar has 49 arms.
The museum of war crimes: (Ho Chi Minh City)
The museum is situated in the French part of the city, and it is open every day. The museum exhibits several American planes and helicopters used during the war. A large photo exhibition shows the terrors of the war.
The post office: (Ho Chi Minh City)
Very unusually, the post office in the city is tourist attraction. The building was erected in 1886-91, and important scientists are commemorated on the front of the building, e.g. the Danish scientist H.C. Ørsted, who discovered electro magnetism.
Bird sanctuaries (The Mekong Delta)
In the Dong Thap province are the famous bird sanctuaries, Tam Nong and Vuon Co Thap Muoi. The sanctuaries are home for thousands of wading birds, e.g. the rare redheaded cranes.
Floating markets: (The Mekong Delta)
The Mekong delta is famous for its floating markets, where you can buy everything. The traders arrive by boat and the goods are exchanged from boat to boat. With an incredible ingenuity, the boatmen succeed in sailing around each other. The market in Phung Hiep is worth visiting. Here you can watch the whole market from the bridge.
Nui Sam: (The Mekong Delta)
Nui Sam is a tall mountain near the small village Chau Doc, which borders to Cambodia. From the top of the mountain is a remarkable view. You can see the Mekong delta spread across the landscape from one side, and from the other side, you can see into Cambodia, which is why a guard is stationed at the top of the mountain.

Area and city attractions

• Hanoi
• Ho Chi Minh City
• Hue
• Nha Trang
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