Travel guide to The Old South



Travel preparation


Best time to visit

The area is a pleasure to visit all year. It does get very hot in the summer, though, and there is often snow in the winter.

Local conditions


Time zone

When the time is 12.00 in the U.K., it is 06.00 in this region.

Culture and entertainment

There are several festivals in the region throughout the year. For instance, Kentucky has the Bourbon Festival and the World Chicken Festival in September and the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen Fall Fair in October. North Carolina hosts the Music Festival in June and The Lost Colony Outdoor Drama in August. South Carolina has the Maya Arts Festival in October and the South Carolina State Fair in October. In Tennessee, and in Nashville in particular, there are music festivals throughout the year, especially in the summer months.

Accommodation / Hotel

There are good overnight accommodation possibilities in all towns in this area. You can find everything from good hotels to cheap hostels and guesthouses. It is generally not a problem to get a room. Book your hotel in The Old South here

Local transport



Taxis are operating in all towns in the area. They can easily be hailed in the street, and they all use a taximeter.

Other transport

Buses and trains are running between almost all towns in the area. They are cheap and in good condition.
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