Travel guide to Turkeys west coast



Travel preparation


Best time to visit

The sun is very intense in the summers on the Aegean coast, and the months of June, July and August can get excruciatingly hot. The spring and fall are the best seasons to visit the Aegean coast, as the climate is temperate and tolerable for both sunbathing and historical and cultural excursions. The climate is also nice during the winter months

Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12.00 in England, it is 13.00 on the Aegean coast.

Culture and entertainment

The Aegean coast has lots of cultural attractions, such as the ruins in Bergama and the historical town of Ephesus. You can also visit Izmir, the birthplace of Homer. There's a camel race in the middle of January in the village of Selcuk south of Izmir, where you can also see theatre, dancing and music regularly.

Accommodation / Hotel

It isn't hard to find a hotel on the Aegean coast, both luxury hotels and more simple hotels. There are quite a few camping sites; most of them with poor facilities, but you can also try private accommodation. Book your hotel in Turkeys west coast here

Local transport



You can get a taxi in all major and middle-sized cities on the Aegean coast. They're cheap, but don't always drive with a taxi metre.

Other transport

There is bus service to every little town on the Aegean coast, and there are also dolmuses, which is a sort of shared taxi, driving on certain routes.

Special conditions

Notice the scenery along the Aegean coast, as this is some of Turkey's finest - crystal-clear water, impressive mountains and pleasant olive groves.
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