Travel guide to Tyrol


Local name

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

A visit to Tyrol can be enjoyed year round. The summer months offer a nice climate and plenty of magnificent sceneries, while the winter months attracts with a skiing holiday in the mountainous areas.

Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12 noon in the UK, it is 1 pm in Tyrol.

Culture and entertainment

As any other Austrian region, Tyrol has a wealth of musical events to offer year round. Furthermore, the Tyrolese uphold their traditions and year round you can experience traditional festivals in the different towns and cities. In July, for instance, the International Dance Summer is held in Innsbruck.

Accommodation / Hotel

In the major towns and cities you'll find hotels in all categories, both expensive luxury hotels, mid-range hotels and small, inexpensive hotels. Furthermore the area has many camping sites which are often placed in a magnificent scenery. If you want to meet the locals, a good option would be a Gasthof in one of Tyrol's smaller towns or at a farm outside town. Book your hotel in Tyrol here

Local transport



Taxies operate in most major towns and cities in Tyrol. In most places the taxies are metered, but a few places there are fixed fares for specific routes.
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