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The deathbed of the Romanov dynasty (Ural Mountains)
You can see where the last tsar, Nikolaj II and his family, ended their days in Jekaterinburg. The communists moved them around from one place to another before they executed them in a basement in Jekaterinburg. The house where they were executed isn't there anymore, but a symbolic cross and monument has been erected on the place.
The Technical University of the Ural region (Ural Mountains)
Three km from Jekaterinburg's city centre is the technical university of the region, also the largest Russian university east of the Urals. In spite of its technical character it is also known for being the political cradle of politicians such as Boris Jeltsin. The buildings are built in classical Soviet style.
The town of Jekaterinburg (Ural Mountains)
This town, with about 1.4 million inhabitants, is without doubt the most important city in the Ural Mountains and also the most interesting in western Siberia. It was founded by Peter the Great in 1723 and has been the centre of many gold rushes since. Today the city contains several examples of architecture from before the Soviet time and can also brag about being the city where Boris Jeltsin begun his political career.

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