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The Gardens Jardines del Real (Valencia)
The gardens Jardines del Real are lovely places to have a picnic and for kids to play. The gardens have a magnificent rose bed, a garden with sculptures and a zoo, which is very popular with the kids.
The Marqués de Dos Aguas Palace (Valencia)
The palace build in Baroque architecture was beautifully restored in the 18th century. It has an impressive extravagant front made of alabaster. Inside the palace you can go exploring at Museo Nacional de Cerámica, which has a fine exhibition of ceramics.
The Museum Valenciano Arte Moderno (Valencia)
North west of the centre of Valencia you will find this interesting museum that has an impressive collection of Spanish art from the 20th century. The permanent exhibition at the museum has works by the abstract sculptor Julio González and changing exhibitions shows works of other modern Spanish artists.

Area and city attractions

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