Travel guide to Valencia


Local name
When it is 12 am in England it is 1 p.m. in Valencia

Best time to visit

You can visit Valencia all year but the city gets intolerable hot in the summer. But in the summer it is possible to get cooled down in one of the bathing places that lies only a few miles outside the city. One of these places is Gandia south of the city. The lovely atmosphere and the relaxed feeling last all year in Valencia.

Culture and entertainment

Valencia has several interesting museums and art exhibitions, which often are situated in beautiful buildings and surroundings. Valencia also has some wonderful parks where you can relax. The city also offers some good festivals. One of these is Fiesta de San Vincente Ferrer where you can see the Spaniards perform to traditional music in colourful national costumes. If you are in Spain between the 12th and the 19th of March be sure to go the overwhelming festival Las Fallas de San José.

Accommodation / Hotel

It is not hard to find a place to sleep in Valencia. The city has plenty of hotels in all price ranges. There are also possibilities for camping and hostels. You can also find several private boarding houses in Valencia. Book your hotel in Valencia here

Local transport



It is easy to get a taxi in Valencia. It is a big city so you can usually get one on the street. It is cheap to get a taxi and the price is decided by a metre

Special conditions

You can go on some lovely excursions from Valencia. For instance you can go to the popular Spanish holiday place Gandia south of the river.
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