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Bogong National Park (Victoria)
A very famous place to go 'bush walking', for instance on a six-day trip around the park. In the park you'll find Mount Bogong, Victoria's highest point, which is 1986 metres high. From the summit, and in sunny weather, there's a spectacular view of the rest of the park. Be aware that it is only possible to go on a trip in the park between October and April.
Victorias High Country (Victoria)
The High Country area is about five hours' drive from Melbourne, and is pleasant to visit both summer and winter. In the summer, the area is known for its 'bush walking' and white water rafting and kayaking. In the winter it is one of Australia's most visited ski resorts, with good possibilities for both cross-country skiing and slalom.
Yarra Valley (Victoria)
Home of several of Australia's 200 vineyards with ample possibilities of tours and wine tasting. There are also numerous markets in the area, offering beautifully handmade handicrafts.

Area and city attractions

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