Travel guide to Wales


2,921,100 (1996)

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

It is probably best to visit Wales in the spring and autumn months, as this is when most tourists tend to visit. Wales is even less busy in winter, but unfortunately many attractions close in mid October and don't reopen until Easter


The Matter of Wales - Jan Morris The Rough Guide to Wales - Mike Parker and Paul Whitfield The Lonely Planet (Wales) Wild Wales - George Borrow Real Wales - Heini Gruffudd A Tour in Wales - Thomas Penant

Local conditions


Accommodation / Hotel

There is a large variety of different places to stay in Wales ranging from farmhouse accommodations to bed and breakfasts and top of the range international hotels Camping: There are literally hundreds of campsites throughout Wales costing from about £4 -£10 a night (the £10 ones would be very well facilitated). It is also possible to pitch tent on privately owned farmland from as little as £2 per night (the farmer may charge nothing for the privilege). Book your hotel in Wales here

Local transport

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