Attractions from Western Australia

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Broome (Broome)
The city of Broome is situated 2213 km north of Perth on the northern coast, and is a very special and exotic city. It is a city with a multicultural population, mostly due to the fact that it has been one of the best places to find pearls. Lots of people went there in the 19th and 20th century to find fortune, and today Broome is a happening place with lots of parties and probably the best beach in Australia.
Perth (Perth)
The capital of Western Australia is a large city, a little overlooked by many tourists. The city has some fantastic sights and attractions, and is furthermore located by some fabulous white beaches, offering you the best possibilities of basking at the beach during the day, while enjoying the big city life at night.
Monkey Mia (Western Australia)
Monkey Mia is a popular place to stop on your way up the west coast and is known for its domesticated dolphins. At the beach of Monkey Mia, the tourists gather each morning and wait for the dolphins, which will eventually swim close to the coast. There are guides telling you how to behave and usually you'll succeed in getting close to the dolphins and being able to touch them.

Area and city attractions

• Adelaide
• Broome
• Darwin
• Perth
• Sydney
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